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. violence breaks out in san francisco's tenderloin district and one person is dead and there is a standoff happening behind me right now. we'll bring all of that to you in a moment. the increasing temperature has one state agency bringing many in more workers this week. ly tell you who, coming up. there are new developments in the planned exclusion of an inmate at san quentin and we have details on today's legal action. >> and bay area grape growers are being told to take precautions during this year's
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harvest against an invasive pest. news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> hello again even, i'm heather holmes. >> a tense situation is unfolding right now in a san francisco neighborhood. police are trying to diffuse a potentially dangerous standoch in the tenderloin, the same neighborhood where today police shot and killed a suspect. ktvu's priya david clemmens is live in san francisco with more on the developing story. >> heather, we're at intersection of post and franklin. if you take a look behind me, you can see the building where this is all happening. the street has been closed off for several blocks because there is a standoff that is happen between the police and a man who blockades himself into that apartment. a good look inside this building alt 1600 sutter street could help police station and the standoff. >> we're very concerned because someone has barricaded themselves in their room and
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not making contact with the police. we're very interested in his well-being and safety as well as others who live in the apartment building. >> reporter: a tenant apparently forced his way into a neighbor's apartment. fran garcia says he leader yelling above limb at 7:45. >> drove a piece of concrete through the door and unlocked the door and went in and she sort of scared him somehow and told him to get out and made the 911 call and locked the door again and that is when i showed up and another man showed up. >> reporter: he mumbled something about secret service agents and went into his apartment and locked the door. the san francisco police also answered a noise complaint at the granada residence hotel at 1000 sutter street where the situation soon turned deadly. >> it was rapid fire bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, something like that. trying to meet with the
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managers at apartment, and the person displayed weapons to the officer and the officer fired the fatal shot to the victim, and is currently under investigation. >> reporter: police have yet to identify the victim, but several neighbors told us his name was michael lee and he was in his 40s. >> i have a lot of concern. it's a very unsafe place. i don't like the place at all. i'm getting out of here as soon as i can. >> reporter: caught in between the two incidents, people attending church, many who left church to find their cars blocked in by crime scene tape. >> we're involved in our community and we try to do events at bodecker park and at the heart of the city and try to bring light with god. we understand and we're ready for things that are going to happen negatively here. >> reporter: police tell us that they have moved all of us back so that we're out of range of any possible gunfire. they also say that there is no
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relationship between the two events. they just happened to be close to each other. live in san francisco, priya david clemens, ktvu channel 2 news. hot weather continues to bake the region and fire danger increases. ktvu's paul chambers is in oakland with a live report. paul. >> reporter: ken, i tell you what, this hot weather we're having is a scorcher and it has firefighters on notice. we covered the south bay and the east bay and the fire danger in the east bay is high. here in the east bay, as you can see from the sign behind me it's moderate. either way, cal fire say they are on notice and brought in extra crews in case a fire starts out. fire officials say often times the mixture of higher temperatures and lower humidities greatly increases the chances for fire. that is why members of cal fire santa clara member patrolled the area of the lexington reservoir to make sure people are abiding by the law. >> we would look for people
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burning illegally and motorcycles and other vehicles off-road. >> we're primed up for having another bad bit of fire, if we have the warmer and we have the weather now. >> reporter: battalion chief wolf says wh the temperatures rise, they increase their staff. crews are ready to battle a fire at a moment's notice from the air with this helicopter or on the ground. >> when we have special weather conditions, we add extra people, because we know by past history we're going to be busy. >> reporter: dry grass, carelessness or minor mistakes could have the entire area engulfed in flame and that is why cal fire recommends those who have something do around the yard do it early, because something as little as a lawn mow core start a fire. cal fire also say this is the time to remember to keep the brush around your home to be cut back 100 feet and that why if a fire is start, your home could be saved. >> it keeps wildfires out of
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your home, but if your neighbor's house catches fire, it keeps it out of your home. it works both ways so it's good to have your 100-foot clearance. >> reporter: cal fire says they will have extra crews workings along ooze we have the high, elevated temperatures. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. meanwhile officials say a wildfire that broke out yesterday afternoon near bodega bay is maintained. in total the fire burned 89 acres, one outbuilding and go vehicles were destroyed. the fire also shut down a portion of highway 1 between estero lane and valley ford freestone road. the highway patrol has used one lane of traffic. the chp says the highway is expect to be fully re-opened in just a few minutes by 6:00 tonight. tomorrow will be another spare of air day, the third one
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in as many days. the high temperatures and stagnant air prompted officials to issue a spare the air alert. days like today particularly hard for people with breathing problems and the bay area air quality management district asked people to refrain from barbecuing, mowing the lawn or unnecessary driving. commuters are also asked to use public transportation, carpool or telecommute. ktvu's meteorologist mark tam yo is here with a first look at the forecast. >> health, parts of bay area really soared today while other neighbors, coastside cooled off with the return of low includes and fog. here is a closer inspection and still owe low offset -- low
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overcast. looking at the overall weather pattern for you as the high continues to build in. this is the source of elevated fire danger, the offshore winds and poor air quality and that is why we have the spare-the- air day in effect as we head into your monday. current numbers, san francisco right now, 73 degrees and most cooling today happened coastside and right around the bay, but inland, a completely different story look the mid to upper 90s. concord and livermore at 97 degrees. the forecast in the short-term is this, mostly clear skies and coastal fog and temperatures from the 60s for the beaches and to the bare on either side, 75 degrees and the interior in the lower 80s. for your monday, starting out the day in the 50s and 60s. the eventually temperature range from the 70s coastside and 80s and 90s around the bay. temperatures warming up to 100 degrees for the warmest locations inland and, in fact, a few neighborhoods will top- 100 degrees.
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i have the full breakdown coming up in your full forecast. the death-row inmate scheduled for execution this week at san quentin has refused to choose among two options for the lethal injection. instead, today, albert greenwood brown filed an appeal, allowing executions to resume in california. federal judge gave brown the option of choosing a one-dose sedative or three-dose mix you're for the lethal injection. if brown refuses to choose, the state will used so-called "cocktail mix." fremont police are looking for three suspects who robbed a hair salon after 11:00 yesterday morning. three men wearing dark-hooded sweatshirts and masks entered the salon near interstate 880 and robbed employees and courts at gunpoint and left in a silver, four-door car, similar to tie honda or toyota camry.
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one witness noticed the car driving east into the shopping center. >> the two remining uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran may be closer to freedom. a delegation from nearby oman is expected to visit iran to work for the release of shane bauer and josh fattal. oman officials played a key role in getting sarah shourd getting released after an anonymous torino in paid $500,000. a new survey finds that gas prices acrosscross the u.s. have remained unchanged during the past two weeks. the lumburg survey shows prices stayed at $2.69 on average. the bay area though prices remain a little bit higher than the national average. in san francisco, regular unleaded goes for $3.12 a gallon and $3.04 in oakland and
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$3.05 in san jose. tax cuts, they are front and center in washington. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue. >> hear why the issue may not be resolved before the november elections. and the faout from testimony on capitol hill by comedienne stephen colbert continues and hear what a key lawmaker is saying about that appearance. >> i am not a perfect man. >> a georgia pastor speaks for the first time about accusations that had he imappropriate relationships with teenaged boys. . u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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t'noepitsls es u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? h.oht's t rei. itlswos thas t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't eyott? a!'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. u stakthchkan-phh-rhtn ern't l's . y,ai wr'my0?'s ol t'noepitsls es al?doouha a o.. aschki. lcetoanitche.n ern't y,h'updu . aswh mte . for three hours today members of bp's team investigating the deadly explosion and oil leak in the gulf of mexico were grilled by members of national academy of engineering. bp was criticize for paying little attention in the report to flaws involving managers onshore and instead, focused on decisions made on the oil rig.
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the bp report found eight separate failures led to the explosion. but those conclusions were reached without examining the drill rig now at the bottom of the ocean or the blow-out preventer, which has only recently been recovered. it appears the hot-button issue of tax cuts likely won't be decided before the november election. at issue is a move to allow the bush-era tax cuts for the richest one percent of americans to expire. the white house says that is the only way to reduce the massive deficit. but republicans are standing firm against it. julie kirtz reports from d.c. >> reporter: top democrats are saying that americans aren't likely to get a big answer on the tax questions before they go to the polls on november 2nd. majority leader steny hoyer doubts that they will vote on that before going home to campaign and blames republicans in senate for blocking the vote. >> the senate has refused to move forward on that issue. as you know we have some 1400 bills penning in the senate,
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75% of which have gotten 50 republican votes more, but they can't move through the senate. so it would be a specious act. >> reporter: re want to allow tax cuts to expire on january 911 to help reduce the democrat, but house minority leadership john boehner calls "the inability of democrats to act on the tax cuts inexcusable." >> if we leave here this week without preventing these tax increases on the american people it will be the most irresponsible thing i have seen in washington, d.c. and i have been here a while. >> reporter: top white house sad visorrer david axelrod saying, "that the white house will figure out a way to get middle class tax cuts passed," in washington, julie kirtz, fox news. there is more backlash over
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comedian stephen colbert's testimony. stenoy hoyer blasted it as "embarrassing." >> what he had to say was not the way it should ha been said. if he had a position on the issues, he should have given those issues and not ask my personal opinion. >> colbert recently spent a day working in a farm field by a campaign by the united farm workers association and was invited by zoe lofgren to testify. however, other democrat weren't happy about the invitation. the pastor a so-called megae church in georgia said today he will fight allegations that he lured young men into sexually relationships with gifts and travel. >> i am not a perfect man, but this thing i am going to fight.
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[ applause and i want you to know one other thing, i feel like david against goliath. [ applause ] but i have got five rocks and i haven't owned one yet. >> the new birth missionary baptist church has about 25,000 members and it's located in an atlanta suburb. friday, four men filed lawsuits against bishop eddie long, claiming he used his position as church leader to seduce them when they were in their late teens. the accusations are particularly controversial, because he has preached against homosexuality over the years. negotiations in the middle east remain tenuous and ahead, see what settlers are doing as mediator race to salvage peace talks. and see how the operation to save the trapped chilean miners takes a significant step
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forward today.
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. israeli as palestinians and u.s. mediators racing to combined a compromise to allow the fragil new mideast peace talks continue, this as a freeze on settlement conexpired about two years ago. leland bit we are more from jerusalem. >> reporter: the 10-month construction freeze officially ends at midnight, but will already on the west bank,
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construction has begun. it's hard to imagine the amount of effort that went into preventing this concrete from coming in and exactly what this hole represents, but this could be the beginning of the end of the middle east peace process. let me explain to you why. we're on an israeli seattle deep in the west bank, that is the land that the palestinians want for their future state and settlers say they will keep building. to emphasize their point, they had a massive show. despite busing people in, it appears there were a lot lot more reporters and photographers from news organizations all over the world covering this than there were actually settlers involved in putting the cop crete down. up next, yet another show. they are going to release about 2,000 balloons into the sky and say that that represents the 2,000 homes that they intend to build on west bank and you can imagine the palestinians are not happy about that situation. acceding to these tams about six weeks ago, the palestinians have consistently said if the freeze is not extended, they
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are going to walk away from the table, but that hasn't happened yet and there is a meeting planned in egypt of arab nations to discuss the air. defense minister bar i don't think says he sees a 50/50 chance of these talks continuing. in other news of the world, in afghanistan today election officials ordered votes rewounded in seven of that crier's 34 provinces. that come as mid charges of corruption after lasteke's parliamentary leices. also, police say four aid workers, including a british woman were kidnapped after an ambush in northeastern afghanistan. andnato said two of its troops died anyway bomb attack in southern afghanistan. nato did not report the nationalities of those troops. >> in germany, police say people died and dozens more
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injured today. seven of the injured are said to be in critical condition. investigators say a car merging onto the freeway collide with the bus. bus then hit a concrete support for an overpass. and in china, a dozen people are vying for one of the world's most unusual jobs, being pay panda and keeper. the 12 applicants are from eleven countries and this weekend, they were learning how to make food for the pandas at chengdu research base in china. next week, six will be picked to work with the pandas. only about 1600 pandas still live in the wild. prisoners who suffered alleged abuse at the iraq's infamous abu ghraib prison. >> are the photos from side saddam's abbut ghraib prison
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sparked outrage around the world. prisoners tortured possibly at the hands of american civilians and contractors. when the gruesome images emerged in 2004, president bush expressed his disgust. >> it's a stain on our country's honor and reputation and that is why it's important that justice be done. >> reporter: at least 250 former iraqi prisoners say then defense secretary donald rumsfeld hasn't lived up to the promises made in 2004. >> i'm seek a way to provide appropriate compensation for those detainees who suffered some abuse and cruelty at the hands of a few members of u.s. miltre. >> reporter: six years after the comments to congress, victims want the highest court in the country to hear their case. >> the supreme court has before it a petition that asks a very simple question, whether or not torture can be carried out in the name of the united states? >> reporter: a 2004 military
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investigation identify 44 alleged incidents of detainee abuse at abu ghraib. eleven u.s. soldiers were convicted of crimes and five were disciplined. so far, no civilian contractors have been charged in correction to prisoner abuse and three u.s. companies being sued deny any link to the allegations. >> i would also include things like psychological support for the abuse that they receiverred. >> reporter: supreme court justices will privately review the case this week, before announcing whether or not they plan to take it. in washington, alison autria godfrey, fox news. iran's news agency says i computer work stux-net as invade computers. the programs behind the worm is so sophisticated it was likely
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developed by another nation, but so far there has if been no public speciallation about which nation in a might be. rescue efforts continue it chile miners are trapped underground. a capsule designed to hold a single miner through a hole just wide enough to fit an escape tunnel. an official explained why it's called "the phoenix capacity you will." >> it's the process of reboard of health. what we have said is that we're going to have the miners out of this mine as a sort of rebirth to a new life. >> the capacity you will has it's own air supply and escape hatch and what will be likely a 15-minute ride to the surface. see the low tech way correction officers are trying to root out contraband in california prisons.
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. it's harvest time for grape growers and in the santa clara valley, extra precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of a destructive pest. ktvu's allie rasmus with more from gilroy. >> reporter: ken. the grapevine moth is new to santa clara county. the department of agriculture confirmed finding three insects in the vineyard in the county. they can be tough to spot because their larvae can grow inside the grapes. >> if the larvae were inside of this, how would you be able to find it? it would be darn, almost impossible.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: thomas kruse had grown grapes at his vineyard for the part four decades and had to protect his crop against deers, wild pig and other pests. but there is another unwelcome guest he is worried about. >> they would theoretically eat all your grapes and that would be disastrous. >> reporter: the european grapevine moth was first found in napa county a year-ago and since then it has spread to seven other california counties, including santa clara. the insects with 3-5 mm. long and last week three of them popped up in vin-yard traps. county officials started an eradfication project. >> slater suspects bins and equipment used to transport grapes will have to be cleaned differently. >> we obviously don't want to be transporting invasive species, larvae all over the state by accident. >> reporter: slater runs
5:31 pm
sarah's vineyard in gilroy and says it's prime tourism and wine season and the timing of this moth couldn't be worse. >> it's going to be another chore added on to an already busy time of year. >> it will alter our business and how we do things for some time to com, i expect. >> reporter: thomas kruse makes his own wine, but 20% of his business is selling grapes to other wineries in the state. if he is in a quarantined area, he is worried his grape sales could be restricted. >> does that mean they are going to inspect it and if the inspection includes every single bunch of grapes for possible larvae? >> reporter: we tried to reach santa clara county's agricultural director and a county biologist to ask them fore more information, but they did not return our calls toe. most of the growers we are talked to expect to learn more about the plan as early as tomorrow. live in gilroy, al lie ras us in, ktvu channel 2 news. millions of dollars in new
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state funding will go to ease the commute in the south bay. the santa clara valley transportation authority received nearly $45 million from the transportation commission last week. vta plans to use the money for projects to separate traffic from ped trains at two railroad crossings in fremont and to improve the capital compressway in east san josi. construction on all three projects is set to begin next year. more and more prison inmates are being slipped cell phones by visitors, enabling them to communicate with outside and even to commit other crimes. now correction officials are turning to highly-trained dogs to root out of the contraband. adam housley. >> reporter: inside donovan state prison in san diego, man's best friend can be an inmate's worst enmy. smuggling ever all sorts of contraband is rampant inside prisons nationwide, but the biggest concern these days isn't drugs or homemade weapons. >> we started to find cell
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phones inside of our cells and cell phones in possession of inmates. it provides them a huge opportunity to continue with criminal activity once they are incarcerated. >> reporter: over 7,000 mobile phones were found inside california prisons last year. more than triple the number of just three years ago. inmates are using them to smuggle goods and even put out hits on judge and witnesses outside the walls. but now correction officers are using the most sensitive tool on the planet to find them. >> where it would take a staff person maybe one thorough search an area i could have a canine do that in about one minute. >> reporter: under a recently launched pilot program, eight teams of dogs are deployed throughout the state to pick up on a specific scent given off by chern chemical on the found in cell phones. >> if you go into eye room with seghat headi sauce cooking, you smell it and if the dog could talk, it will tell you every ingredient that went into making it. >> reporter: it is one thing to find contraband and phones for
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training purposes, but hue did is it do with a total strangers phone? queer put it in the back of the boombox and setting it on the bunk to find it. it doesn't take long. in less than a minute, picks up the scent and alerts it's handler. >> the way the dog's mind work, when i source the odor, i scratch and bark. >> reporter: they are also using high-tech devices like itt cell hound tracker, but for the time being a good old- fashioned game of fetch seems to be working just fine. in san diego, california, adam housley, fox news. korean carmaker hyundai is recalling almost 140,000 sentenceo sedans in the u.s. federal regulators say the car have a defect that could cause drivers to lose steering control. recall effect affects 2011 models manufactured between december, 2009 and this month. the national highway traffic safety administration sa hyundai dealers will inspect
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the affected parts and will update the power steering software for free. a new poll finds critics of healthcare reform legislation are more likely to head to the polls in november. in a new survey by the kaiser family foundation, four in ten signs they were more likely to vote because of their dislike of the new healthcare law. that is compared with three in ten democrats. a poll out yesterday by stanford researchers found almost half of those surveyed didn't think the new healthcare reformulas went far enough. tonight marks the 50th anniversary of a debate that permanently changed the face of politics in america and the world. for the first time two presidential candidates faced off on national television. and when they were finished both the medium and message were altered forever. eric shawn reports. >> reporter: it simply changed the way we elect presidents. 70 million americans watched as john f. kennnedy annual richard m. nixon sparred in the first live televised presidential debate. >> the question before us is
5:36 pm
which point of view and which party do we want to lead the united states? i know what means to be poor. he i know what it means to see people who are unemployed. >> reporter: the 7th game of the world series becomes those debates, particularly the first one. >> reporter: david peet ruiz is fietrusza is the is theusagor. >> nixon had been ill and had
5:37 pm
a staphylococcus infection and banged his knee depend getsing out of car and was in pain. >> i wouldn't make an excuse like that. >> i was feeling all right. i didn't certainly look well. >> reporter: fairly or not, the debates can turn on those things. >> it's always the moments, the gotcha moments that are so crucial. like i said, you are not jack kennedy or this is my microphone, mr. bush or i'm gotting to hold your age against you mr. mondale. >> reporter: at jfk library last week, those marked the anniversary with a look back. >> as i hit the stage, he said i have to go to the bathroom. i heard the stage manager doing 10, 9,8, and he made that stage on one. >> reporter: a reflective richard nixon once authorized advice. >> i would urge all project candidates in the future to be sure that you remember more important than what you say is how you look on television. >> reporter: i'm eric shawn, fox news. the sequel for the 1980's hit movie "wall street "was no.
5:38 pm
1 at box-office this weekend. michael douglas, who famously uttered the line "greed is good," in the first "wallet" movie reprises of role of gordon gekko. oliver stone film ranked in $19 million at theaters around the country. up and lynnwood it was legend of the guardians: the oul of ga'hoole." and ben aflesh's movie, "the town"no. 1 last weekend slipped to no. 3. >> hear what mcdonalds says is the key to its success during the economic down turn. the warm-up isn't over yet and ktvu meteorologist mark tam yo is back onext with a look at your workweek forecast. south of laredo, there's a place...
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so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold!
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. the efforts of thousands of volunteers to clean up the california coastline is being called a big success. people found out all across the state for coastal clean up day yesterday and with more than half of the areas reporting 66,000 pounds of the garbage and 57,000 pounds of recyclables were picked up in california. in richmond, 3700 pounds were picked up along coastline. a final count won't be available until next o. last year 1 million pounds of trash and recyclables were collected statewide. >> on a beautiful day the last thing you want to see is garbage on the beach. >> it's warm. >> that is right, ken and heather. dense fog this morning and you coneven see the waves out there. clearing skies and some warming temperatures for the rest of the bay area. right now on the maps u can
5:42 pm
see that fog bank offshore as we take a closer inspection. you can see that fog locally dense. up to the north, not a lot to show you with clear skies over san francisco and the embarcadero and neah bay. look out towards mountain diablo, mostly clear conditions. san francisco right now checking in at 71 degrees. the key today, the change, we had more of an onshore breeze and we cooled off near the immediate coastline. for san francisco and oakland and the rest of bay area heating up in santa rosa and livermore at 99 degrees and san josi at 91. here is the overall weather story, mostly clear skies for this evening. temperatures warmer for your monday. the extended forecast still features that cooling trend, but the spot forecast for livermore, tomorrow morning at 7:00, 63 degrees. already heating up by
5:43 pm
lunchtime. 92 an afternoon high topping 100 degrees. forecasting 103 degrees by tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. this weather disturbance out tour north increases the onshore flow and fog returns coastside earlier today. with that we had the cooling coastside, but temperatures inland warmer than yesterday,94- 97 degrees. as we head into tomorrow, high pressure returns and we'll have more of a an offshore breeze. company that means the inland spots will be right around 100 up to 103 degrees. fortomorrow morning, mostly clear skies and patchy coastal fog. it could be locally dense. 53-63 degrees and into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny sky and we're warming up. there is the eventual temperature range from the mid- 70s all the way to 102 so 103 degree. santa rosa,98 and fairfield around 100 use of and these
5:44 pm
temperatures will check in around 3:00, 4:00 and still heating up to the bay, upper 80s to the lower 90s. san josi with 97 degrees and san francisco, warm you back up to 86 and pacificca in the mid- 70s around 75. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast and we're going to gradually cool things off into tuesday, but still have pretty hot temperatures for the interiors, talking about upper 90s. you get an idea with the overall trend cooling off for wednesday and thursday and by friday, partly cloudy skies and a few low 80s. we have been suffering through a cool summer across the bay area and i guess this is what people want and we'll have to find a way to enjoy it for tomorrow. >> thank you, mark. fast-food giant mcdonalds seems to have the key to riding out an economic downturn. change. it's serving up millions of customers by constantly switching up its menu. mike tobin with more on the
5:45 pm
company's business model. >> reporter: mcdonalds enjoys a rare comfort in the world. the fast-food juggernaut has had a healthy sale of red meat and fries had kept the company in the black. >> mcdonalds is still pulling positive sale and their stock prices is one of the highest levels that it's ever been. >> reporter: mcdoomeds is constantly changing its menu. healthy choice menu and apple dippers instead of fries and wraps instead of burgers anne they have begun to compete for the starbuck dollars to customers who sit in the newly remodeled mcd's. free wi-fi and even flat-screen tvs encourage customers to hang around. >> they like being able to sit on a real leather chair. they like being able to have
5:46 pm
flexible seating arranges. >> reporter: the customers have respond, 27 million of them everyday. the stock is up to $75 a share from $43 five years ago. operating revenue has also increased, roughly 90 ps over the last half decade. so while most companies down- sized or try to learn ways that they can stretch dollars through the lean times, mcdonalds are expanding. new restaurants are opening up all over the world and management, pardon the use of a catchphrase is "loving if." coming up, the 9ers and raiders in action, plus we'll have the rest of the day around the nfl. the giants try too reign in the rockies and take back their lead. sportswrap is next
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us or early sunday edition of sportswrap. last night in denver the giants used eight different pitchers and today matt cain decided just everybody back off and let me do my thing. giant's starters, 8/82 back and freddy sanchez off jorge de la rosa. he gaves matt a nice cushion. crain took a no-hiter in the 8th and settles for a complete game three heighter. cody ross adds inshawn with the joel homerun in the 7th. giants win the final rode game 4-2 and come thome play their
5:50 pm
final six. >> padres lost big today, so the giants leapfrog over san diego and take .5 game lead in the wild west standings. san francisco is off tomorrow and plays six more home-games. oakland a's playing their final home gazillion of the season and it wasn't pretty. trevor kaye hill gets shelled for seven hits. department of defense rangers win and a's need to win four of its final seven games to finish an even .500 for the season. >> last week the radar nation called for a quarterback change and now they may start barking for a new kicker. tom cable and the raiders in arizona today to play the cardinals and oakland would look like, how about a do-over on the opening kickoff.
5:51 pm
kick stephens howling, and gradkowski comes back and is he just three plays to tie it. 22-yard touchdown and we're tied at 7. darren mcfadden's two-yard touchdown gives oakland the 20-17 lead oat halftime. what is the most first half points scored by oakland in five years, but arizona scored the om touchdown of the second- half. cardinals led 24-20 and 24-34 now. janikowski misses wide left. this last one, well that is the one that will be hard to swallow. 24-34,24-23, cardinals survivor. raiders offense was just awful inside the red-zone and they fall to 1-2. >> another afc west team, kansas city may be the most revamped and improved team in the nfl and today the chiefs
5:52 pm
used all phases of their game to make the 49ers look slow, confused and down right overrated. niners' quarterback alex smith coming off one of the best games of his career, but never found his groove. the pass to crabtree is batted down. it's intercepted. mat cassell to the rookie mccluster and he is too little to play in the nfl, yeah, right. the speedy dexter mccluster is in for the touchdown. mat cassell with a double- handoff and cassell ends up back with the ball and find as a wide open player. the 45-yard touchdown and chiefs led in the 3rd quarter. cassell to another rookie
5:53 pm
moeaki and chiefs win 31-10. >> niners scored a touchdown on the final play of the game, but alex smith was sacked five times and the niners fall to 0- 3. industry three times since 1990 have reached the playoffs after starting 0-3. niners play in atlanta next sunday. falcons making a huge statement and hosted new orleans. this is falcons a matt ryan to roddy white. they take the lead in the 4th quarter. saints tie it to to force overtime and new orleans is kicking for the win, but garrett hartley misses the 29- yard atent. see, janikowski is not the only kicker with a bad day. atlanta's matt bryant comes through with a 45-yard game- winning field goal and falcons take own the saints in overtime. minnesota get its first win and lions lose their 22nd straight road game. dallas earns its first win over houston and rams snap their 14- means the only afc team to
5:54 pm
lose this week, san francisco. and is seattle really 2-1? leon washington lights tup against the visiting san diego chargers. leon washington already returns one 101 yards back for a touchdown. then leon for an encore scores this 99-yarder. leon washington may need some oxygen, but he scores the game- winning touchdown. seahawks upset san diego, 27- 20. seattle also used five san diego turnovers to go 2-1. peyton manning throws three td passes and colts win in denver. new england beats buffalo and tennessee tumbles the giants, 23-10. and pittsburgh stays undefeat eagles win in jacksonville and baltimore beats the browns, 24- 17 and copyright cincinnati takes care of winless carol. >> so it doesn't get any easier when the 49ers go to atlanta and houston comes to
5:55 pm
oakland. coming up the pga crowns it's newest $10 million man in the atlanta rain. the winner may surprise you, next.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
. 40-year-old jim furyk never before won three golf tournaments in a single season, until now. his reward, more than $11 million. that is nice work, if you can get it. rain created a two-hour declare for the final round near atlanta. jim furyk started with a run- shot lead and bumps it up to two on this birdie on 11. scores can quickly change in the rain. luke donald, chipping about 100 feet in the rain and that is kind of nice. that is kind of -- you know, that is incredible! donald shoot and even-par 70 and one back, all alone in second. jim furyk needs to get up and down the bunker on 18 to pick up the check. that is nice and jim furyk
5:58 pm
finishes with even-par 70 and beats luke donald by 1. he earned $3.5 million plus the $10 million prize for winning the overall fedex cup title. that is sports for this early sportswrap education. >> thanks, fred. tonight on the 10:00 news, california moves closely to executing its first inmate in almost five years, but there are at least two legal challenges that could stop it. we'll have late developments tonight on the 10:00 news. that is our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and from all of us here, thanks for joining us. we hope to see you back here at 10:00
5:59 pm

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